Artistic binding on: Trina Peiffer and Laurie Schimmoeller, Alluvial Luck,

Larkspur Press, Monterey, Kentucky, 2017. Bound in 2020.

Alluvial Luck is a vellum binding burned on the parchment boards to contrast with images of lush vegetation on the doublures. The textblock is elegant, with gorgeous images of plants. The design of Alluvial Luck began as a response to the wildfires in Australia in 2019. As I was completing this binding, my daughter’s home and farm burned in a wildfire in the western US.


The textblock was sewn all along with 12/3 linen thread on three polyester tapes.

The edges were trimmed and decorated with acrylic pigments, gold, and metallic foil.

The boards were constructed from aircraft plywood, covered in parchment and are decorated by scorching with a heated brass tool.

The spine is white goatskin, titled with gold and metallic foil.

The doublures are images of a banyan tree in Hawaii, photographed in 2002, printed in color with an ink jet printer on Nideggan paper.

The volume is housed in a white cloth box with magnet closures. The inner boards were also lined with images of banyan trees.