Unique book sculpture: Apocalypse: Zero Hour

The textblock was composed of hell money sewn in a long stitch on snakeskin tapes.

The textblock was set on fire, scorching the fore edge and parts of the tail and head.

The Plexiglas boards were cut oversized in a jagged pattern and set afire, resulting in darkening of the surfaces and planar distortion of the boards.

A sleeve of crumpled copper was inserted around the central sewing station and wrapped around the fore edge; this was sewn to the boards with linen thread,

The boards were attached to the tapes with tackets of alum tawed goatskin.

A galvanized steel and snakeskin clasp holds the book closed.

All wood and metal elements were sealed with Renaissance Wax.

The display stand was made of a flat slate base with a vertical support  of mahogany supporting the lower board, and a rubber leg supporting the upper board. Brass screws attach both supports.