Artistic binding on: Apocrypha, Doves Press, Hammersmith, 1904. Bound in 2019.

This binding was commissioned by the Bridwell Library in Dallaswhen I won the DeGoyler Prize in American Bookbinding in 2018.

This design is based on the essentially conflicted nature of the Apocrypha, writings that are contentious within Christian religious teachings. The texts of the Apocrypha are manifestations of religious doubt and dispute. The design has clashing panels and forms, each sharply delineated, but out of balance with one another. The strong grains of the veneers parallel the variety of beliefs among the faithful. The shell veneer and mother of pearl are areas of bright light in a world of confusion. The gold lines form a pentagonal shape, floating above the clear edges of the veneers.

The volume was disbound and sewn all along on flattened cords with new flyleaves of gray laid paper with red goatskin hinges. The edges were trimmed and decorated with black Higgins Eternal Ink and gold. There are purple and pink front bead silk headbands sewn over a core of laminated alum tawed goatskin and parchment.

The boards were decorated with wood and shell veneers adhered with Jade 403 PVA.  The veneers were sanded smooth and sealed with two coats of padded shellac. The wood veneers were decorated with gold lines. The book was bound in quarter red goatskin and titled in gold on the spine. Squares of mother of pearl were attached to the outer boards with brass pins. The binding is housed in a cloth clamshell box with a drawer to hold the original binding.

This binding is not for sale.