Artistic binding on: Robin Skelton and Sara Philpott, Lens of Crystal, Old Stile Press, Llandogo, Wales, 1996.

Bound in 2019.

Lens of Crystal contains poems in English written use verse patterns of traditional Welsh poetry. The mottled forms of the evocative black and white illustrations parallel the musical quality of the poems. The binding captures the swirling movement of the poems. The geometric shapes in mother-or-pearl and biomorphic forms in palladium are drawn across the spine and boards and into the interior with tooled lines.


Sewn all along on two raised 6-ply linen cords using 18/3 linen thread

with flyleaves of Egyptian Tow Flax Paper.

The head was trimmed and decorated with magenta ink and gold foil.

The binding was covered in full black goatskin and titled in metallic foil on both boards.

The decoration is palladium leaf, tooling in both gold and palladium leaf,

and inset panels of white mother-of-pearl.

There are edge-to-edge doublures of calfskin dyed with Roda NF leather dye.

The doublures were tooled in palladium leaf and decorated with palladium leaf.