Conservation rebinding of: Ovid's Metamorphoses, W. Suttaby and B. Crosby, London, 1808.


Full stiff paper binding with printed covers, apparently contemporary with the printing. The covers are very worn and darkened; the titling is very difficult to read. The boards are loose. The spine is missing. The sewing is two-on on two sawn-in cords and is broken in half, with loose leaves at the center, front and back. The binding and textblock are extremely soiled. The edges are untrimmed.

Conservation treatment:

The adhesive residue on the spine was removed using a poultice of wheat starch paste.

There are several minor mends to the loose leaves, done with kozo paper adhered with wheat starch paste.

The loose sections were sewn together with 25/3 linen thread using a link stitch.

There are new inner hinges of colored kozo paper and an extended lining of heavyweight kozo paper.

The volume was rebacked with heavyweight kozo paper using wheat starch paste. The mends were toned with acrylic pigments.

Conserved in 2019.