Conservation of Publii Virgilii Maronis Opera, Paris, 1641


This full leather binding is apparently contemporary with the printing. The boards are still attached securely, but the spine is missing four panels, and the other three are loose. The leather is badly degraded, with a spot of gray pigment on the upper cover. There are broken corners and worn edges. There are extended patch linings of manuscript waste; one of the patch linings and parts of the underlying paper lining are detached. Sewn on six double cords; the sewing and lacing are intact. Edges sprinkled. Headbands missing.

Conservation Treatment:

The remaining portions of spine leather were removed, and the spine cleaned of leather residue and adhesive mechanically. The leather and adhesive residue on the spine was removed as possible with a poultice of methyl cellulose. The loose portions of the spine linings were re-adhered using wheat starch paste.

The volume was rebacked with calfskin toned with Roda Dye NF. The new leather was touched up with medium density acrylic pigments. The original spine pieces were re-adhered. The spine bands were tooled in gold, and the volume was titled in gold.